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PT Habel Marine located in Komp. Ruko Tembesi Point Blok B No. 2 BatuAji, Batam, Indonesia. Our company was established on Thursday, 14th of January 2010. Our company is engaged, crewing management, Ship Repair, general trading, ship Store.

Our Company Logo :


HMS: It is an abbreviation of the name of our company, PT.Habel Marine Services

Flag: means for our company name is always flying in the world marine

From years of experiences in sailing as well as shore vessel operation so as motivating me to set up the new Company PT. Habel Marine Services (HMS) starting Pebruary 2010 jointly develop business and help the Government to absorb skilled workfoce in accordance with they respective fields.

Our company has experiences in the CrewingManagement, Ship Repair, general trading, ship Store. Our company has worked very well from time to time. Several countries that have cooperated with our company include Malaysia and Singapore. Provide the best service, skilled and qualified workers are key to the success of our company.

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