PT. Wasaka Sudarma Putera

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PT. Wasaka Sudarma Putera Batam Branch is the development of  head office considered necessary given the high demand from partners Wasaka who entered the Port of Batam.

Wasaka Batam is a National Shipping Services company that has the ability to arrangement a letter document vessel and arranging timely arrival / departure of vessels entering any port in Batam. Wasaka Batam has the experience, ability to work in a good cooperation and working professionals to achieve customer satisfaction.

Given our country is a maritime country where 2/3 of its oceans are vast, and allows many activities conducted through the Sea. So also in the area of Batam which consists of several islands, so the role of sea transport is very important.

Along with the development of free trade we continue to strive to meet customer needs and constantly improve the quality of service to achieve customer satisfaction.

PT. Wasaka Sudarma Putera always serve each customer by promoting good communication to achieve the goal. Seeing the success of the currently performance of Wasaka so Wasaka has successfully opened several branch offices in almost all ports of the archipelago, among Surabaya, Marunda, Sunda Kelapa, Muara Baru, Cirebon, Merak, Suralaya, Dumai, Lampung, Banjarmasin and Balikpapan which first has served customers wholeheartedly.

PT. PPN Wasaka Sudarma Putera

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